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Keep members, staff, customers, vendors and investors up to date on the latest news affecting your organization. The News Feature provides a rapid entry interface used by Administration to enter news and current event items. Headlines are displayed on the homepage where visitor can click on individual items of interest to view the detailed news record.

News feature benefits include:
  • Visitors access news by clicking on the News link in a menu or an specific news item in the news mini browser.
  • Supports Multiple contributors and contribution tracking.
  • Clicking on the News menu link accesses the News List which displays each article title and sub-headline. Clicking on a title in the list accesses the news article detail.
  • News articles may be entered in Text or using built-in online WYSIWYG HTML editor.
  • Attach stylized documents such as HTML and PDF.
  • Articles may be Public or private

Some of the components, fields and settings of the News feature are:

  • News Management Page
  • News Title
  • Description Field
  • News Type
  • Text
  • News Document Import Field
  • View More Information Document
  • Update More Information Document
  • Check-Out More Information Document
  • Delete More Information Document
  • Search for More Information Document
  • Created By Field
  • Modified By Field
  • Active: Field
  • Expires Date: Field
  • Chapter ID Field
  • Topics Field
  • Level Field
  • Private Field
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