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  PortalProdigy provides a full compliment of support tools designed to efficiently and affordably resolve issues related to the setup, configuration and operation of the PortalProdigy system. Most design, process, configuration and content issues can be addressed free of charge using the Support Center consisting of Administration Manuals, User Discussion Forums, Knowledgebase, Quick Tutorials, Troubleshooting Hints & Helpers and Ask an Expert.

    We provide two paid support options for specialized customer needs:

  • Pay Per Incident Email (PPIE) Support
  • Billed Hourly Technical Support

Pay Per Incident Email (PPIE) Support

  • What is Pay Per Incident Email (PPIE) support?

        PPIE Support provides PortalProdigy clients with advice for one technical support incident at significant savings. Support Requests are submitted via an online form.  Support staff respond to the request via email doing one or more of the following:

    1. Directing the customer to appropriate tutorials and references on the PortalProdigy website.

    2. Explaining the documented features of the PortalProdigy system, including how system features can be used.

    3. Troubleshooting unexpected behavior encountered while using the system.

    4. Clarifying how the system works - but not directly implementing the product features on client's installation.

    5. Escalating problems, too complex to handle via email, to a Billed Hourly Technical (BHT)Support Request. Escalation only occurs with customer's permission and results in PPIE charge being credited against BHT charge.

  • How is PPIE support paid?

        The PPIE charge is $35 US per incident. Only Paid Support Authorized Super Users and IBCA's may use PPIE and must be logged in under a current PPIE authorized customer login. The customer'2s account will be billed and invoiced during the current period.

  • What is covered by the PPIE charge?

        One PPIE support case covers troubleshooting of one technical issue through final Problem identification. Troubleshooting of additional technical issues will require a separate PPIE payment.

  • Why does PortalProdigy charge for technical support?

        Costs of engineering and configuration support are not included in the purchase price of the Portal Prodigy license or upgrade and maintenance fees. In order to provide our customers with the best possible technical support while keeping our purchase price as low as possible, it is necessary to charge separately for such support. 

  • What defines an incident?

        An "Incident" is the support event starting from the initial Service Request until closure or resolution of the issue. An incident focuses on one aspect of the system (For example, assistance with a specific task or error message.) While the issue may involve multiple components of the system, addressing multiple components or issues constitutes separate incidents. An incident may involve an interchange of multiple emails and, from time to time, phone calls initiated by PortalProdigy support staff who will make reasonable efforts to resolve the issue in a single incident. PortalProdigy shall determine what encompasses a single support incident.

  • What is a resolved incident?

        Provided the issue is within the coverage of PPIE support, written documentation providing one of the solutions below shall constitute a resolved incident.

    1. A standard PortalProdigy procedure or process.

    2. A reasonable work-around.

    3. Determination that the issue is in fact an enhancement request and forwarding the request to the development group.

    4. Escalating the incident or bug to the development team for review.

  • How do I submit a PPIE request?

        Click the Submit PPIE Request link in the home page support menu or click here and submit a PPIE Request Form. 

Billed Hourly Technical (BHT) Support

  • What is Billed Hourly Technical (BHT) support?

    (BHT) Support normally involves telephone contact and is intended to assist customers with specific issues resulting from the normal use of PortalProdigy on supported platforms and provide answers to urgent questions. It is also a resort for less technically adept support customers challenged by the use of PortalProdigy online support features and email support.

    PortalProdigy support staff and customers are partners in the resolution of an issue. Customers are expected to fulfill reasonable troubleshooting tasks as recommended by the support staff during the support call.  Issues arising from a need for training, implementation services, and/or customization may be referred to the appropriate PortalProdigy Internet Business Consultant and Architect (IBCA).

  • How is BHT support paid?

        The BHT support is billed at the rate of $50 US per incident for the first 15 minute increment and $35 US for each additional 15 minute increment. Customer is billed for all time spent on resolving issue including time not on phone with customer. Time billed will include testing, sample data development, research, repair, and any other activities deemed necessary by the PortalProdigy support staff. Only Paid Support Authorized Super Users and IBCA's may use BHT support and must submit Service Request while logged in under a current BHT authorized customer login. The customer's account will be billed and invoiced during the current period.

  • How is BHT support requested?

        BHT support must be initiated using the Online BHT Service Request Form.  In cases where request is urgent, customer may call (949) 595-8300 x100  AFTER submitting the BHT Service Request Form online. The online request verifies support eligibility for the service staff before they can tend a customer's call! 

  • How quickly does support respond?

        PortalProdigy will respond to your online Service Request by acknowledging your support request through the assignment of a Support Ticket Number. In most cases, the support staff will need to obtain additional information from you in order to resolve the issue or answer your question. Response times depend on the severity level of the issue. The support technician will determine your problem's severity level based on guidelines below:

    1. System Down

    System is inoperable to all users, not functioning; data may be lost.

    Attempted Response Time: Immediate to 4 hours

    2. Functional Problem

    Business outage or significant impact threatening future productivity. Very difficult to work around; system usage is very limited. No data loss.

    Intended Response Time: 2 to 6 hours

    3. Inconvenience

    Problem impact is high; production is proceeding but in an impaired fashion. Workaround is available.

    Intended Response Time: One Business Day

    4) General Use

    Issue does not have significant current productivity impact. Examples: usage questions, cosmetic problems, and enhancement requests.

    Intended Response Time: Two Business Days

    Listed Intended Response Times are targeted support request response times, not resolution times and apply to support requests submitted during posted support business hours.

    Outside of Regular Business Hours
    Customers may call Technical Support and leave a voice mail message. Your call will be returned on the next business day. 

  • What are the hours of available telephone support?

    Monday Through Friday -  9:00AM - 5:00PM Pacific Time 

  • What happens when a BHT Service Request is submitted?

    1. The PortalProdigy support technician will ask the customer to explain or demonstrate the problem and to participate in some limited phone-based troubleshooting to identify the cause of the issue.

    2. To help the technician provide most efficient service, the customer should have the following ready:

    --- Website URL

    --- BHT Authorized Contact Name

    --- Identification of the browser in use, operating system and version, and any firewalls, spy prevention and virus protection software on the offending computer.

    --- A copy of any error messages.

    --- A copy of any data or documents relating to the specific issue.

    --- The customer describes the issue, when it occurs, as well as steps that may have already been taken to solve the problem

Support Terms and Conditions

    Portal Prodigy, Inc. reserves the right to terminate customer support plans without cause and without warning. Support is provided on an as-is basis and all incident charges and/or hourly charges are final and non-refundable. Requesting support and support provision does not guarantee software fixes and/or updates. Abuse of support privileges, including, but not limited to, rude behavior, customer incompetence, harassment, and failure to follow instructions, may result in the immediate termination of support privileges without refund.

Technical support inquiries are limited to the following areas:
1. Website Installation and Setup.

2. Connection issues between supported browsers and operating systems and supported and the customers PortalProdigy website.

3. PortalProdigy functionality.
4. Upgrade assistance

The following items are not generally supported:

1. Installation, set-up and configuration of operating systems, browsers and third party applications.

2. Resolution of network, system or environmental errors not directly related to equipment or software maintained by PortalProdigy.

3. Using PortalProdigy with ‘Alpha’ versions, ‘Beta’ versions, or non-certified versions of operating systems, service packs, browsers and third party applications.

4. Alterations or revisions to the PortalProdigy system made by the customer.
5. Data Recovery of a corrupted PortalProdigy database.

6. Client uploaded documents, pages, files, etc. or associated scripts, embedded components, computer code and objects and/or corruption to the system that may occur as a result of such pages, files, etc. or associated scripts, embedded components, computer code and objects introduced by the customer, its agents or permitted website visitors.

7. Problems with customer's or customer's website visitors' hardware and associated peripherals such as printers.

Bills for support which remain unpaid sixty days past the close of the Request Ticket may result in the termination of the client's website

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