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Activate the Press Release Feature


Activate the Press Release Feature


  1. Read the chapter titled “Press Release Feature in Detail” in the Administration Manual.


  1. Create a Press Release Broadcast Template and store it in the Document Library. See the tutorial titled “Create a Press Release Template.


  1. Create a Press Release Response Notification Broadcast Template. See tutorial called “Create a Press Release Notification Email”


  1. Enter Media Types if not already done. See tutorial titled “Enter Media Types in Feature Management”


  1. Enter sample biography and sample closing statement if not already done. See tutorial called “Load Sample Biography Sample Closing Statement for Press Release Feature”


  1. Click on the Features edit icon of the Site Administration Menu page


  1. Check the Press Release box on the Features Management page


  1. Click on the PressRelease link on the Features Management page.


  1. Select Output Options to Email = Yes, Fax = No and Printed = No  At the time of this writing created Fax broadcasts have just become severely limited BY Federal LAW and the fax broadcast option is suspended until regulations are published and it appears that organizations can mass fax legally. Printed press release functions are under development but not available even though they appear on the page in preparation for implementation. Therefore, Fax and Printed must be set to No or they will appear as options for those entering press releases.


  1. Enter an amount in Unit Price Field if visitors sending press releases will be billed by the number of releases sent. See the Financial Transactions Feature section to learn more about this feature.


  1. Enter the email address where notification will be sent each time a press release is entered and sent.


  1. Select the  Press Release Response Notification Broadcast Template  which will be used for the notification sent to the address in the Response Notification Email address. Note: A Broadcast Template must have its object type set to Press Release for it to appear as a selection here.


  1. Import or select a Press Release template.


  1. Click the Save button