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Add a Document

Add a Document, Resource, File or Page to the Website


  1. Read the chapter titled “Documents Features in Detail” in the Administration Manual


  1. Prepare a document. (It is suggested that documents be limited to HTML or PDF format.)


  1. For upload of HTML file with associated linked files (page elements) such as JPEG, GIF, etc., all files must be in a Support Folder stored in the same directory as the HTML file using the following Naming protocol:


HTML File Name = mypage.htm


  1. Click on the Documents add icon on the Site Administration Menu page.


  1. Enter  name in Document Title field.  This name may be different than the physical file name.


  1. Enter a brief summary of the document in the Document description field. This description will be displayed following the Document name in all document listings pages.


  1. Enter keywords and phrases for indexing and performing document searches.  Enter one keyword or phrase per line. Press enter to go to next line.  


  1. Use the  Append Document Browse button to locate and select a document (file) that is stored on your computer or network. 


  1. Set Use Template value.  – Set value to Yes to display the document within your website’s template pages.  Set value to “No” if you want to the document to be displayed in a separate window without your website’s template.  Common document (file) formats such as “.htm”, “.txt” and “.pdf” can be displayed within your website’s template.   Documents (Files) requiring third party software to host (open) the document, may not operate within your website’s template.  If the user’s computer is not setup to auto-run the third party software required by the document (file), PORTALPRODIGY will prompt the user to download the file to their computer.


  1. Set value for Include Link On Home Page. Set value to “No”, if the document name should not be displayed in the Home Page Resource Mini Browser.  Set to “Yes” to display the document name and link in the Home Page Resource Mini Browser.  Note that Document Mini Browser must be enabled in Greeting Features Management.


  1. Set Home Page Sort Order which only applicable when Include Link On Home Page is set to “Yes”)   


  1. Set Use to image or bullet. Only applicable when Include Link On Home Page is set to “Yes”. Selecting bullet causes the Home Page Mini Browser to list the documents with bullets.  Selecting image displays thumbnail image with document description    


  1. If you set Use to Image then upload an image. Click browse button to load image.


  1. Check appropriate Document Categories.


  1. Set Active to “Yes”.,


  1. Set expiration date is you wish document to automatically remove from visitor display at a predetermine date.


  1. Set ChapterIDif you are using Multi Site Synchronization.  It is used to specify the Chapter that has primary ownership of the record.  For further information see the chapter on Site Synchronization.


  1. Configure privacy settings. 


  1. Click on Save button.