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Add a Form to the Website

Add a Form to the Website


Use the Survey feature to create forms such as request forms, applications, data collection, etc.


  1. Read the chapter titled “Surveys Features in Detail” in the Administration Manual.


  1. Verify that the Surveys Feature has been activated. See tutorial titled, “Activate the Surveys Feature”.


  1. Click on the Surveys add icon on the Site Administration Menu page.


  1. On the Survey Management page, enter the title of the form into the Survey Title Field. The title is displayed in lists on public portions of the site and, when clicked on by a visitor, opens a page which displays the entire survey


  1. Enters a brief description, into the Description Field. The description is displayed on the visitors’ page at the top of the form just below the form’s title.


  1. If this is a private survey (ie.logged in visitors) Set the Repetitive Selection field to Yes or No.  No prevents visitors from submitting more than one form.   Yes requires the person filing the form to login, thusly giving the system a way of knowing who filled out the form.


  1. Enter the email address of the individual that should be automatically notified of each the form is submitted into the Response Notification Email Field. (A response notification email template must be selected in Survey feature management for this to work.)


  1. Use the Question Details tab section to add form questions. After the fist question is entered, click on the Save button. A Questions tabbed section will appear at the bottom of the Survey Management page. Use this to navigate through multiple questions. To add a new question, click the Next Question button in the Questions tabbed section.


  1. Enters a form question into the Question field of the Question Details tabbed section.


  1. Select a Question Type radio buttons


    1. Choice is used for multiple choice and True/False type questions.
    2. Text is used for short answers and contact information that does not exceed 70 characters. Often used for request forms.
    3. Memo is for long answers and essay type questions.


  1. If the Choice Question radio Button is selected enter a limit in the Maximum Answers field.


  1. Control the order of questions on the form, as it is presented to visitors, by entering numbers in the Order # field.


  1. If the Choice Question radio Button is selected, enter enters the list of possible answers into this field.  NOTE: To update an answer using this field form, the Administrator must first click on the answer she wishes to edit and then click on the edit icon.


  1. Set the Active field to Yes or No. 


  1. Set the Expires Date field.


  1. If your site is using multi site synchronization, set the level.


  1. Set the privacy settings.


  1. Click the save button.


  1. Add URL, linking to the form page, as a hyperlink on the appropriate menu, membership type, or other page as desired so that there is a link to the form. The hyperlink is as follows:




Where the variable “X” should be the form’s Survey ID Number.