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Add a Link to a Specific Exchange

Add a Link to a Specific Exchange


It might be desirable to lead visitors to specific exchange based on the activity they want to conduct, for example - Art for Sale, Add Art for Sale, Search for a Job, or Add & Update Jobs.


  1. Read Menu Builder section of chapter titled “Features Management Menu in Detail” of Administration Manual.


  1. Click into the target exchange from the visitor’s Exchange Selection page. (This step requires that a link to the Exchanges Selection Page be created first. See tutorial called “Add a Link to Exchanges Selection Page” for more information.)


  1. While the browser is displaying the Search Listing Entry for Exchange page for the specifically targeted exchange, copy the URL from the browser address field and paste it into a document for temporary storage.


  1. Click the Features edit icon on the Site Administration Menu Page.


  1. Click on Menu Builder link.


  1. Search for menus.


  1. Enter applicable menu by clicking on its title.


  1. Click on Add Menu Item button (Lower right of Menu Items table)


  1. Create a menu item with the URL radio button selected and paste the URL saved in an earlier step into the URL field


  1. Click on the Save button