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Add Goods Received into Inventory

Add Goods Received into Inventory


1.      Read chapter of Administrator Manual titled “Item/Products Catalog Features in Detail”.

2.      Go to Site Administration Menu.

3.      Click on the Inventory Entry Add icon located in the Transaction Mgmt. section, to go to the Inventory Entry page.


4.      Enter one of the following, in order to identify the Product.  Note that this process is best performed when you have a packing slip or purchase order that provides one of the following values.


a.       Item ID – this is the ID assigned to the Product Item by Portal Prodigy.


b.      Product Code – this is your part # or SKU.


c.       Manufacturers Code – this is the manufacturer’s part # or SKU.


d.      Preferred Vendors Product Code – this is the part # or SKU of the vendor that is defined as the Preferred Vendor for the Item.


5.      Click the Retrieve button to bring up the Inventory Entry page for the Item.


6.      Enter the Unit Cost of the Item.


7.      Enter the quantity received for each Sub-Item.  Sub-Items are the different Color and Size combinations.  If color and size are not applicable, only one Item will be listed.


8.      When finished, click the Save and Process button.


9.      Repeat the process to enter inventory receipts for additional Items.