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Add or Update a Tickler or Note

Add or Update a Tickler or Note - Assign a Task


  1. Read the Chapter in Administration Manual titled “Tickler/Notes - Task, Action and Prospect Organizer”


  1. Verify that Notes feature is activated


  1. Tickler/Notes can be entered from any page where the Notes icon is displayed (For example, on the Contact Management page) by clicking on the icon or by clicking on the Add New button  on the Tickler/Notes Entry and Update page.


  1. Select a note to be updated from table or click on Add New button.


  1. Enter description or action into note field to begin new note.


  1. In Contact Tab section, indicate action taken and prospect type if applicable.


  1. If follow up is required, in Follow Up tab section, enter follow up data i.e. follow up date and time, follow up assignee and follow up action.


  1. If updating a note upon completion of follow up, select Completed field to “Yes”.


  1. Click Save button to save note.