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Customer Setup Instructions for Versignís PayFlowPro

Configure Versignís PayFlowPro


1.      Open a merchant account with a merchant bank to accept credit cards.

2.      Determine which Processor your merchant bank supports. 

3.      Log onto the Verisign Manager site using instructions provided by Verisign.

4.      Change your User name and Password.

5.      Using Verisign Manager, select the Processor determined in Step 2.

6.      Enter the information required by the Processor. 

7.      Record the following information which you will need to enter into Portal Prodigyís Payment Features Management page:

a.       User

b.      Password

c.       Host Address:


8.      Log onto your Portal Prodigy site and go to Payment Features Management page.

9.      Configure the following settings in Payment Features Management:

a.       Automated Card Authorization:† set to "Yes"

b.      Gateway: †set to "PayFlowPro"

c.       Processor: †set to "FDMS First Data South" or other Processor which we may have to add for you.

d.      Require CSC Verification: †set to "Yes" or "No" depending on your requirements.

e.       Approve when CSC cannot be validated:  "Yes" or "No" depending on your requirements.

f.       Approve when AVS cannot be validated:  "Yes" or "No" depending on your requirements.

g.      User: †enter your Verisign user name.

h.      Partner: †set to "Verisign".

i.        Host Address:  enter your Verisign Host Address.

j.        Password: †enter your Verisign Password.

k.      Vendor: †no entry required.

l.        Host Port: †set to "443".

m.    Proxy section: †not required.


10.  See Portal Prodigy User Guide for additional information about setting up Payment options.