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Customer Setup Instructions for Versign’s PayFlowPro

Create a Return Order for Returned Products


1.      Read chapter of Administrator Manual titled “Order Features in Detail”.

2.      Go to Site Administration Menu.

3.      Click on the Order add button located in the Transaction Mgmt. section.

4.      Search for Contacts page is displayed.  Using this page, locate and select the contact that placed the order for the returned goods.  For an explanation how to do this, read the tutorial titled “Find a Contact”.

5.      Once a Contact has been selected a prompt is displayed to select if the Order is being placed on behalf of the Organization/Business or the Individual.  Click either Organization/Business or Individual.

6.      On the Order Management page enter the original Order ID of the returned product in Ref. Order#.  If the customer is returning products from more than one order, create separate Return Orders for each original order.

7.      After entering the Ref. Order#, click the Retrieve button.  This retrieves all of the Original Order’s Order Items with quantities set to zero.  If a Restocking Fee is specified in Orders Features Management, the Restocking Fee is automatically added as an Item on the Return.  This is an optional Service Charge that is applied as a percentage rate to the total amount of the Return, including tax and shipping charges.

8.      Select whether the Return Order is for “Partial” or “Entire Order”.

9.      Enter the returned quantities for each Item being returned.

10.  If applicable, adjust the unit price.  This is the amount that the customer shall be credited per unit for the returned Item.

11.  If applicable change the Item Description. 

12.  If a Restocking Fee was automatically added and is not desired, delete the Restocking Fee Item.  Restocking fees are shown as negative numbers because they are reducing the dollar amount that will be credited to the customer.

13.  If Shipping Charges should not be refunded, set Shipping Carrier to blank (------------------) and click the Calculate Shipping & Tax button to set shipping charges to zero.

14.  When finished with the data entry, Click the Process button. 

15.  Click  to exit from Order Management page.  This returns to Found Orders.

16.  If the returned items have been received, the Return Order may be fulfilled now by following the remaining steps; otherwise it must be fulfilled at a later time and the remaining steps are skipped for the time being. 

17.  In the Found Orders list, locate the newly created Return Order and click its Fulfill link.  Note that the Fulfill link is displayed in the last column of the Found Orders listing, labeled Fulfillment, and is only displayed after the Return Order has been processed.  If the Return Order has not been processed, the Fulfill link is not visible.

18.  When prompted to confirm the Return fulfillment, click Yes.  This causes the following:

a.       The returned items are added back into inventory.

b.      The Return’s Order Status is set to Completed.

c.       If the returned Items have been paid for, a Credit Memo for the total amount of the Return is created.

d.      The Fulfill link is no longer visible for the Return Order.

19.  The Return Order is completed.