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Create a Text Format Email Broadcast Newsletter

Create and Publish a Text Format Email Broadcast Newsletter



  1. Read the chapter titled “Newsletter/Publication Features in Detail” in the Administration Manual.


  1. Set up a Text Only – Electronic Delivery Newsletter Template. See tutorial titled “Create a Standard Newsletter or Publication Template”.


  1. Click on the Newsletter browse icon


  1. Click on the Desired Newsletter Template. (Customized by your organization or completed in earlier step. See Create a Standard Newsletter or Publication Template


  1.  Click on the New Issue button located at the bottom of the Newsletters Issue Selection page.


  1. Enter a Newsletter Issue Name. For example, “Spring 2005”


  1. Enter Issue Date. For example, “April 1, 2005”


  1. Indicate whether issue should be included in archive displayed to public on website.


  1. Set privacy level.


  1. Click on Close button and page will refresh to NewsLetter Issue Components page.


  1. Add as many Newsletter Feature articles as desired. See tutorial titled “Add a Newsletter Feature Article to a TEXT FORMAT Newsletter Issue”.


  1. Add as many Advertisements as desired. See tutorial titled “Add an Advertisement to a Newsletter Issue”.


  1. Click on Publish Button on Newsletter Issue Components page.


  1. Click on Choose Recipients, select recipients and then close Broadcast Recipients page.


  1. Click on Preview button to view Newsletter.


  1. Click on Revise button to make revisions.


  1. Click on Send button to broadcast newsletter to selected recipients.