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Create a Universal Automated Survey Announcement Email Notice

Create a Universal Automated Survey Announcement Email Notice



  1. Read the chapter titled “Broadcasting Features in Detail” in the Administration Manual.


  1. Click on the Broadcasting add button on the Site Administration Menu.


  1. Select Type = Email


  1. Enter sender’s email address. Examples: surveys@yourdomain.com. NOTE: be sure return address is set up on your mail server.


  1. Enter subject such as “Please take our survey YourOrganizationName”. Text entered into the Subject field becomes the template’s label and the text entered into this field will be inserted into the Subject field of the email(s).


  1. Select a body format as TXT


  1. Select Object Type=Survey


  1. Type or copy and paste the following into message field:


Dear <%CONTACT:FirstName%> <% CONTACT:LastName%>


Please take our survey by clicking on the link below:






  1. Click on the Recipients button and enter criteria to select recipients. Recipients can be selected by Contact Type, Special Interest Group, or Security Group. Selecting down a column affects an “OR” search while selecting across columns affects an “AND” search.


  1. Click the Save button