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Customer Setup Instructions for Versign’s PayFlowPro

Create Product Promotion Codes That Apply to the Customer’s Entire Order


1.      Read chapter of Administrator Manual titled “Promotion Code Features in Detail”.

2.      Go to Site Administration Menu.

3.      Click on the Promotion Codes add button located in the Transaction Mgmt. section to display the Promotion Codes Management page.

4.      Set ‘Applies To:’ to “Order”.   E.g. this is used when the Promotion Code will grant the customer 10% off their entire order as opposed to 10% off a specific product Item.  To apply to specific products see the tutorial titled “Create Product Promotion Codes That Apply to Specific Products”

5.      Enter a unique value for the Code.    

6.      Select Products as the Feature the Promotion Code applies to.

7.      If applicable, select a Campaign.  Campaigns are used to track a group of Promotion Codes.

8.      Enter a description for the Promotion Code.  This can be used to provide the customer with a description of what the Promotion Code offers, any rules that may apply, and other instructions.

9.      Enter Start Date and Time.  The Promotion Code cannot be used prior to this date and time.

10.  Enter End Date and Time.  The Promotion Code cannot be used after this date and time.

11.  If the customer is allowed to combine this with other Promotion Codes for the same order, set ‘May be used with other promotion codes?’ to “Yes”; otherwise set to “No”.

12.  If applicable, enter a Minimum Purchase Amount that is required before Promotion Code can be applied to the Order.

13.  Select a Method:

a.       When $ Discount is selected enter the specific dollar discount.

b.      When % Discount is selected, enter the percentage discount; if applicable, also enter a maximum discount dollar amount that is to be allowed.

c.       When Free/Discounted Items is selected, add Items using Select Items; and indicate whether Promotion Code is limited to quantity on hand (in stock).  Perform the following to add Items.

·         Click Select Items to display the Promotion Code Discount Items Product Search.  See the tutorial titled “Search for Products and Items”.

·         Enter search criteria and click the Search button.

·         Select Items in the Found Items list.

·         Click Select button to add the Items and return to the Promotion Codes Management page.

·         To add more Items repeat the last four steps.

·         For each Item that is free leave the specified price set to zero, set the quantity to be offered, and indicate if shipping of the item is offered for free.

·         For each Item that is to be offered at a discounted price set the Items price.  Set the quantity to be offered at the discounted price, and indicate if shipping of the item is offered for free.

·         To remove an individual Item, click the Item’s Delete button.

14.  Indicate which Price Groups the Promotion Code applies to.  Note that by default new customers are assigned to the “Standard Sales Price” group.

15.  Click the Close button and confirm to save.