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Customer Setup Instructions for Versign’s PayFlowPro

Create Promotion Codes That Apply to Total Order


1.      Read chapter of Administrator Manual titled “Promotion Code Features in Detail”.

2.      Go to Site Administration Menu.

3.      Click on the Promotion Codes add button located in the Transaction Mgmt. section to display the Promotion Codes Management page.

4.      Indicate whether the Promotion Code (PC) applies to Order or Item.  If the PC will grant the customer 10% off their entire order then set ‘Applies To’ to “Order”.  If the PC will only grant the customer 10% off a specific product, then set ‘Applies To’ to “Item”.

5.      Enter a unique value for the Code.    

6.      Select the Feature the PC applies to.

7.      If applicable, select a Campaign.  Campaigns are used to track a group of PCs.

8.      Enter a description for the PC.  This can be used to provide the customer with a description of what the PC offers, any rules that may apply, and instructions.

9.      Enter Start Date and Time.  The PC cannot be used prior to this.

10.  Enter End Date and Time.  The PC cannot be used after this.

11.  If the customer is allowed to combine this with other PCc for the same order, set ‘May be used with other promotion codes?’ to “Yes”; otherwise set to “No”.

12.  If applicable, enter a Minimum Purchase Amount that is required to use PC.

13.  If Applies to is set to

14.  Done.