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Customer Setup Instructions for Versign’s PayFlowPro

Fulfill a Batch of Product Orders


1.      Read chapters of Administrator Manual titled “Order Features in Detail” and “Fulfillment Features in Detail”.

2.      Go to Site Administration Menu.

3.      Click on the Fulfillment browse button located in the Transaction Mgmt. section.

4.      Using the Search for Order Items page enter search criteria then click the Create New Batch button.

5.      Locate the Order in Found Orders and click on Fulfill link to display the Order Fulfillment page.  The Fulfill link is only displayed for Orders that are ready for fulfillment.  It is not displayed for Orders that have not been processed or that have already been fulfilled.

6.      Enter the Qty. Shipped for each Item that is being fulfilled.

7.      Click the Process Batch button. 

8.      At the warning prompt “This process updates both inventory and orders and cannot be undone!” click Ok.  This causes the following:

a.       Inventory quantities to be updated.

b.      The Order Status of the fulfilled Orders to be set to Fulfilled or Partially Fulfilled

c.       The Fulfill link to no longer be visible in Search for Orders page for each fulfilled Order with Order Status set Fulfilled.

9.      Done.