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Implement an Advocacy or Political Organization Website

Implement an Advocacy or Political Organization Website


  1. Register Domain and Setup Domain Name Service to point your host domain to appropriate IP address supplied by Portal Prodigy.


  1. Turn on the following features


    1. Broadcasting
    2. Discussions
    3. Documents
    4. Events
    5. Membership Fees
    6. News
    7. Newsletters/Publications
    8. LRCA
    9. Surveys
    10. Notes


  1. Prepare header graphic for home page. (a JPG sized 775 X 65 pixels at 96 pixels per in works well)


  1. Update Logo & Title Management page data to customize your site header and footer.


  1. If desired create a Splash Page.


  1. Add your greeting text or HTML to the Greeting Management page and load Splash page if applicable.


  1. On Greeting Management Page, select Mini Browsers to display on Home Page.


  1. Select a site template.


  1. Customize color scheme.


  1. Modify security group default values if desired.


  1. Configure User Signup.


  1. Define Membership Types.


  1. Define Contributor Membership Types I.e. Gold Sponsor, Silver Sponsor and Bronze Sponsor.


  1. Add menu link to Membership Type selection page.


  1. Upload or enter Contact/Member data.


  1. Configure a Member Directory


  1. Configure a Board of Directory


  1. Configure a Staff Directory


  1. Configure Committees Directories


  1. Add menu link to Directories Selection Page


  1. Configure the email broadcast feature.


  1. Load meetings and events schedule.


  1. Add menu link to events selection page.


  1.  Convert association’s documentation: forms, manuals, policies, etc into HTML or PDF format.


  1. Create document categories and load documents to build knowledgebase.


  1. Create one or more of the following Member Exchanges or Classified Advertising Boards:


    1. Resume Board
    2. Projects & Job Board
    3. Meeting Places
    4. Training
    5. Barter Board


  1. Add menu link to exchanges.


  1. Configure Newsletter & Publication Types.


  1. Add Menu Link to Newsletter Archive page.


  1. Create Discussion Groups. You can for example, divide discussions into groups based on:


    1. Specific Issues
    2. Locale or district.
    3. Specific candidates
    4. Specific Events


  1.  Add menu link to Discussion Groups selection page


  1. Load media contacts.


  1. Create Press Release Publication Template


  1. Load Regulatory, Legislative, Executive and Judicial Contacts.


  1. Configure LRCA Features Management.


  1. Recruit experts for inclusion in Ask the Expert Feature.


  1. Configure Expertise Topics Management Page


  1. Configure Ask the Expert Feature Management.


  1. Load experts into Contact Database and set Contact Type Management Variables for each.


  1. Add menu link to Ask the Expert Option.


  1. In Notes Feature Management select default search column fields


  1. In Notes Feature Management enter list of Available Actions. Examples:


    1. Send Brochure
    2. Return Call
    3. Prospect for Donation
    4. Prospect for Service Contribution
    5. Recruit


  1. In Notes Feature Management enter list of Prospecting Types. Example:


    1. New Member
    2. Member Renewal
    3. Sponsor
    4. Service Provider
    5. Service Consumer


  1. Create and broadcast a membership website review survey.


  1. Assign content creation, input and maintenance responsibilities and adjust contact record permissions accordingly.


  1. Start using the site.