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Individually Enter Company Records

Individually Enter Company Records


  1. Read chapter of Administration Manual titled “Contacts, Members, Vendors & Companies Feature in Detail”.


  1. Click the Companies add icon on the Site Administration Menu page.


  1. Enter the name of the organization. 


  1. Enter a password into the Password Field - Data entered into the Company Password field becomes the password into certain functions related to the Company. For example, certain items may be purchases by a logged in user and billed to their company provided they submit the correct company password.


  1. Enter the organizations Federal ID Number (EIN)


  1. Enter a name into the Bill Name Field that will be printed on Invoices.


  1. Enter the Social Security Number for the owner when the organization is a sole proprietorship.


  1. Select a Credit Status


    1. Approved, Declined and Pending. Affects certain logical decisions in features that involve ordering, purchasing, invoicing and payments. For example, Companies with approved credit status may be permitted to place orders and pay by mail while those with declined credit status may be required to submit credit card information before an order is accepted or processed.


  1. Enter Credit Limit. Certain features involving ordering, purchasing, invoicing and payments verify that the company does not have outstanding accounts receivable beyond the credit limit before processing orders. Companies that exceed their credit limit may be required to submit credit card information before an order is accepted or processed.


  1. Select terms.


  1. Enter Contact information.


  1. Set Active field to “Yes


  1. Enter ChapterID if applicable. This value is only applicable if you are using the Site Synchronization feature. 


  1. Select Company Types to define organization’s relationship with the Company. 


    1. Client – purchases products or services from your organization.
    2. Contractor – provides services to your organization on a contractual basis.
    3. Contributor – donates to your organization.
    4. LRCA – legislative or regulatory office. 
    5. Manufacturer – manufactures products.
    6. Media – a media organization such as Magazine Publisher, Television Station, etc.
    7. Member – a member of your organization.
    8. NonProfit – a non-profit organization.
    9. Prospect – a potential client or contributor prospect that your organization is soliciting for business or contributions.
    10. Vendor – sells products or services.


  1. Click Save button.