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Setup an Ask the Expert Interaction Forum

Setup an Ask the Expert Interaction Forum


1.      Read the chapter in the Administrative Manual titled “Ask the Expert Features in Detail”

2.      Go to Site Administration Menu.

3.      Click on the Broadcasting Add icon located in the Contact Management section.

4.      The following steps will guide you through process to create a template that will be used to send an email to applicable experts, upon submission of a user’s question.

a.       Set Type to “Email”.

b.      Enter a valid email address for your organization.

c.       Enter a Subject, e.g. “Portal Prodigy Ask the Expert Question”

d.      Set Body Format to “TXT”.

e.       Set Object Type to “AskTheExpert”. 

f.       Create the Message.  It should contain:

·         A <%ASKTHEEXPERT:Question%>  tag to insert the question;

·         Tags to insert the contact information for the user asking the question;

·         Any other instructions deemed applicable;

Example of an Ask the Expert template Message:

Dear <%ASKTHEEXPERT:ExpertFirstName%>,

The following request has been received:


Please reply by email to the following person:

<%CONTACT:Prefix%> <%CONTACT:FirstName%> <%CONTACT:LastName%>



Office email: <%CONTACT:CompanyEmail%>

Home email: <%CONTACT:HomeEmail%>

For assistance please contact us by email at support@portalprodigy.com or by phone 949.595.8300

5.      Click the Close button and confirm save.

6.      Go to Site Administration Menu.

7.      Click on the Features Go To icon, located in the Site Management section, to go to the Features Management page.

8.      On the Features Management page, enable Ask the Export by checking the checkbox that is next to it, then click the Save button.

9.      Click on Ask the Expert link to go to the Product & Inventory Features Management page.

10.  The Ask the Expert Features Management page is used to configure universal options and settings for the Product and Inventory feature.

11.  Enter a page title to be displayed on the Ask the Expert page and the Ask the Expert Signup page.

12.  Enter instructions to be displayed below the page title on the Ask the Expert page.

13.  Enter instructions to be displayed below the page title on the Ask the Expert Signup page.

14.  Select an Ask the Experts Security Group to be assigned to the expert when they signup using the Ask the Expert Signup page.

15.  Select a Broadcast Template used to email the Ask the Expert questions to the expert. 

16.  If you want to cc (carbon copy) an administrator with email sent to Expert, then enter the administrator’s email address.

17.  Enter a number in Question Limit.  For each user (contact) Portal Prodigy tracks the number of times they have used Ask the Expert.  This field allows you to place a limit on the number of times a user can use Ask the Expert feature.  

18.  Click on the Expertise Topics Management link option to display the Expertise Topics Management page.

19.  Repeat the following steps for each topic you want to create:

a.       Click Add New Item link option.

b.      Enter a topic title in the Description field.

c.       Click Save button.

20.  When finished adding topics, click the Close button to return to Ask the Experts Features Management.

21.  Click Close and if prompted, confirm to save.

22.  Go to Site Administration Menu.

23.  Click on the Membership Types Add icon located in the Content Management section.  This will take you to the Membership Types Management page.

24.  Create a Membership Type for Experts.  See the tutorial titled “Define, Create and Update Membership Types”.  The following is required”


a.       Select “Expert” as a Contact Type Assignment.


25.  Using Menu Builder, create one or more links to Ask the Expert and Ask the Expert Signup (Membership Type for Experts).  See the tutorial titled “Build a Menu using Menu Builder”.

26.  You are finished.