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Setup Product Downloads

Setup Product Downloads

1.      Prerequisites that directly pertain to setup of Product Downloads include:

a.       Read chapter of Administrator Manual titled “Broadcasting Features in Detail”.

b.      Product & Inventory is configured as described in the tutorial titled “Setup a Product Catalog and Online Shopping”.

c.       Read chapter of Administrator Manual titled “Item/Products Catalog Features in Detail”.

d.      Read tutorial titled “Create a New Product Item Record”.

2.      Go to Site Administration Menu.

3.      Click on the Broadcasting Add icon located in the Contact Management section.

4.      The following steps will guide you through process to create a template that will be used to send an email to the customer, upon approval of the customer’s order and payment for downloadable products.

a.       Set Type to “Email”.

b.      Enter a valid email address for your organization.

c.       Enter a Subject, e.g. “Portal Prodigy Product Download”

d.      Set Body Format to “TXT”.

e.       Set Object Type to “Downloads”. 

f.       Create the Message.  It should contain:

·         A <%DOWNLOADS:DownloadLink%>  tag for the download ink;

·         A <%DOWNLOADS:DownloadID%> tag for the download code;

·         Instructions for downloading the product item;

·         Any other instructions deemed applicable;

Example of a download template Message:

Dear <%CONTACT:FirstName%>,

To download your software go to <%DOWNLOADS:DownloadLink%> and enter the following Code: <%DOWNLOADS:DownloadID%>

For assistance please contact us by email at support@brolin.net or by phone 949.595.8300

g.      Click the Close button and confirm save.

5.      Go to Site Administration Menu.

6.      Click on the Features Go To icon located in the Site Management section.

7.      Click on Product & Inventory link to go to the Product & Inventory Features Management page.

8.      In the Product Downloads section, Set Enable to “Yes”.

9.      Select the Broadcast Template that was created in the previous steps.

10.  Enter a Days Active number.  This sets the number of days that a Product Code remains active from the date it is issued.   E.g. set it to “30” to allow customers thirty days to download their product.

11.  Enter a Download Limit number.  This is the number of times during the Active period that the customer may download the product.  E.g. set to “3” to allow the customer to download the Product three times.

12.  Enter Download Instructions to be displayed on the Product Download page.  This is the website page the customer is taken to when they click on the link in the email that is broadcast to them.  The customer enters the Download Code into this page and if the code is valid, the download process is initiated.

13.  Click Close and confirm to save.

14.  Go to Site Administration Menu.

15.  Follow the steps outlined in the tutorial titled “Create a New Product Item Record” to create a new Item record or click on the Items/Products browse icon, located in the Content Management section, to use the Search for Products to select an existing Product Item.

16.  Using Item Management configure the Download section as follows:

a.       Set Offer this Product as Download to “Yes”.

b.      Click on the Add Document icon to upload the Product Item file to the website.

c.       On the Product Download page, click Browse.

d.      Click Close to initiate upload.

e.       When prompted to save changes, click Ok.

f.       When prompted with Do you agree to upload? Click Ok.

g.      When prompted with message that file was uploaded successfully! Click Ok.  You will be returned to the Item Management page.

h.      Either accept the default Download Template or select a different one. This will default to the template set in Product & Inventory Features Management.

17.  When finished setting with Item Management, click the Close button and confirm to save.