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Create and Print Membership Bills

Create and Print Membership Bills


This feature is used to select members to invoice.


1.      Read chapter of Administrator Manual titled “Membership Billing Features in Detail”.

2.      Go to Site Administration Menu.

3.      Click on the Membership Billing browse icon located in the Transaction Mgmt. section.

4.      On the Membership Billing Menu page, click 1. Create Membership Invoices.


5.      Record the Batch # that is displayed on the page.  You can use this later to print and track the batch of invoices you are about to create.


6.      At Month and Year to Bill:


a.       Select a month from the list box and;


b.      Enter a year (or leave the default value of the current year).


7.      Click the Create & Process Invoices button.  This causes Portal Prodigy to do the following:


a.       Creates invoices for all membership fees that are due in the selected month/year.  This includes invoices that are to be printed and sent by postal mail, emailed, or automatically charged to credit cards.


b.      Assigns the batch number to each invoice.


8.      Select “Yes” when prompted to Print Invoices.  This will created printed invoices for each member that chose to receive their membership bills by postal mail.


9.      When prompted with a Print Selection dialog box, select a printer and click the appropriate command to print.


10.  Verify that the invoices were printed successfully then, select “Yes” when prompted to Post Invoices as Printed.  If you are unable to print the invoices successfully, you may answer “No” and print the invoices at another time.


11.  Select “Yes” when prompted to Send Email Invoices.  This will create and send invoices by email for each member that chose to receive their membership bills by email.


12.  Close the page and return to the Membership Billing Menu.