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 What is a Portal Prodigy Third Party Expert?

Third Party Experts (TPE’s) are individuals and businesses which, independent of Portal Prodigy, Inc., are available to provide paid support services to Portal Prodigy system Licensees, Superusers and IBCA’s.   Portal Prodigy’s TPE community includes advertising agencies, graphic designers, Internet marketing consultants, business process advisors, Portal Prodigy system configuration experts (IBCA’s), attorneys, accountants, programmers and specialty suppliers.

How does a Portal Prodigy Licensee engage a Third Party Expert? 

Licensees and IBCA’s access the Ask an Expert link on the home page or click here.   Access to this feature requires login as an authorized IBCA or Superuser. (All Portal Prodigy Licensees have Superuser authorized accounts.) 

A question or description of the need is entered and then the appropriate box indicating the category of expert advise required must be checked.  Clicking on the Submit button to sends the request.

Ask an Expert messages are sent via email to all Third Party Experts in the selected category. The message will contains the name and email address of the submitter as it appears in Portal Prodigy’s contact record database.

Based on their ability to help with the specific challenge submitted, individual TPE’s will choose whether to contact the submitter.

How much does it cost to contact and engage a Portal Prodigy Third Party Expert?

            Portal Prodigy does not charge a fee for relaying requests to TPE’s.  Some TPE’s will answer simple questions and give initial advice free of charge.  However, it is important to realize TPE’s make their living by providing expert advice, programming, designing, etc. As business entities, TPE’s are separate and independent of Portal Prodigy, Inc. and set their own prices and policies.  Customers should always be sure to confirm the prices, terms and conditions of any activities performed by the TPE before engagement.

How does one get listed as a Portal Prodigy Third Party Expert?

            Individuals and companies providing services they believe can benefit Portal Prodigy Licensees, Superusers and IBCA’s may submit an application to become a TPE by clicking here and filing an application form.

A representative from Portal Prodigy, Inc. will follow up.


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