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Administrator Register Event Att

Administrator Register Event Attendee

  1. Read chapter of Administration Manual titled "Events Feature in Detail"
  2. Log on to website using and administration authorized login name.
  3. Click on the register button on the Event Details page.
  4. Answer "No" to the "Will you be Attending?" dialog box.
  5. Click on the SelectUser button.
  6. Search for the contact record of the member you wish to register. See tutorial titles "Administration Search for Contact Records". ) NOTE: Be sure its the authorized contact record. Some undisciplined, ill planned or poorly managed sites have multiple records with the same name but only one represents the contact's member record.)
  7. When the desired contact record is located, click on the contact's name. The system returns to Event Registration Step-1
  8. Answer Yes or No to o the "Will you be Attending?" dialog box. (Sometimes members do not attend but send their employees for example.)
  9. Add quantities to guests, member employees, etc. row and verify price. (Price is per entity and will calculate against quantity when saved.
  10. Enter payment method. If credit card is chosen, enter appropriate information when prompted. NOTE: System proofs first digit in credit card number against credit card type selected and will return error message if number is inappropriate.
  11. Click on Next Step button
  12. Enter Names and Titles as they should appear on Name Badges
  13. Review data on Registration Approval page then, if satisfied, click OK to save. NOTE: If administration has set event to post after event date (Suggested setting!!) you will be provided with chance to update or delete registration.