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Invoicing  The Invoicing Feature

The Invoicing Feature provides a universal method for creating and printing invoices for all transactions supported by PORTALPRODIGY.  The Invoicing feature can be used to create invoices for all feature components including Events, Exchanges, Press Releases, and Products.  It can also be used for printing Returns and Credit Memos.

The most common use of the Invoicing feature is to create invoices for product orders that have been fulfilled and ready to ship.  The Invoicing feature will create the invoices, post the orders as invoiced, and create the corresponding GL entries.  Invoicing will also create invoices for partial fulfillment of orders. 

Invoicing feature benefits include:

  • Ability to create electronic invoices and email directly to customers.
  • Automates billing customers for orders that have been fulfilled and not previously invoiced.
  • Automates billing customers for on account orders.
  • Invoice for partial fulfillment of orders.
  • Automatically updates orders with invoiced date.
  • Automatically updates customer accounts and tracks receivables.
  • Automated creation of GL Entries.
  • User definable criteria for selecting orders to invoice.  Includes selection based on order status, financial approval status, order number range, order date range, customer, and posting status
  • Ability to reprint previously printed and posted invoices.
  • Assignment to batches for future posting or printing.
  • Detail and Summary Accounting Reports

Some of the components, fields and settings of the Items Management and Product Catalog feature are

  • Search for Orders/Invoices:
  • Order # Range
  • Order Type
  • Order
  • Return
  • Credit Memo
  • Order Status
  • All Orders
  • Shopping Cart  
  • Submitted
  • Pending
  • Partially Fulfilled
  • Fulfilled
  • Completed
  • On Hold
  • Canceled
  • Financial Status
  • All
  • Approved
  • Declined
  • Pending
  • Not Completed
  • Record
  • Invoice Batch #
  • Invoice Date
  • Contact ID
  • Last, First Name
  • Company ID
  • Company Name
  • Include Previously Printed Invoice? 
  • Invoice By:
  • All
  • Email Only
  • Postal Mail Only
  • Include Previously Posted Invoices
  • Include Unfulfilled Orders
  • Search Options:
  • Search
  • Clear
  • Print
  • Main Menu
  • Found Orders/Invoices:
  • Select
  • Order #
  • Order Date
  • Order Status
  • Company Name
  • Invoice #
  • Invoice Options:
  • Select All
  • Unselect All
  • Assign to Batch
  • Print Invoices
  • Cancel Main Menu


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