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Import Products


1.      As a pre-requisite to importing products:

a.       Follow the steps outlined in the tutorial titled “Setup a Product Catalog and Online Shopping”.

b.      Read chapter of Administrator Manual titled “Item/Products Catalog Features in Detail”.

c.       Read chapter of Administrator Manual titled “Import Data Features in Detail”.

d.      Have a qualified CSV file containing Product information either on your computer or accessible on your local area network from your computer. 

·         File must be formatted according to CSV standards as comma delimited file format.

·         Data types must match corresponding Portal Prodigy data types.

·         If loading product pictures, they must be stored in “Images” sub-folder of folder containing the CSV file.  The sub folder must be named “Images” in order for Product Data Import process to find it.

·         If loading product pictures, the CSV file must have a column containing the file name of the picture, e.g. “Item1001.jpg”.

e.       If you want to import product Detail Category Keywords, you must define the product Detail Categories before importing products.  See the tutorial titled “Setup a Product Catalog and Online Shopping”.

2.      Go to Site Administration Menu.

3.      Click on the Utilities Go To icon located in the Site Management section.

4.      Click on the Import Product Data Add New button.

5.      Click the Browse button and use the Choose File dialog box to select a CSV file.

6.      If the imported CSV file contains field (column) labels in the first row, check ‘Ignore first row which contains column headings’.  This checkbox is located to the right of the ‘Values Included’ section heading.

7.      For each field (column) in the imported CSV file, enter the column number in the text box of the corresponding field name on the Import Products Data Management page.  Fields (columns) used to specify Detail Categories (e.g. a bookseller may define Detail Categories such as “Author”, “Subject”, “Publisher”, “ISBN”, etc) are specified in the lower portion of the ‘Values Included’ section.

8.      A zero or blank (no number) indicates that the field is not in your CSV file.

9.      Click the Import button to perform the import.

10.  When prompted with “Do you agree to upload?” pop-up dialog box, click the Ok button.

11.  When import has finished it will display the total number of rows that were successfully imported and it will list by row number each row that could not be imported and reason why.  

12.  Click Close button to return to the Utilities Menu.