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Add a Slide Show Component


1.      To prepare the Slide Show for Upload

a.       Download the Sample HTML Style from here: http://www.portalprodigy.com/main.asp?uri=1003&di=624

b.      Unpack the Sample.zip

c.       If you wish to rename the HTML or the Resource Folder it must be done this way, e.g. if the style file name is “Sample.html” then the resource folder will be “Sample_ files”

d.      Do not place the Style in the resource folder, they both must be in the same directory.

e.       Copy the Slide Show images to the resource folder

f.       The Slide Show Component supports only JPG and PNG file formats. All other images simply will not show

g.      All file names must start with “_ss” or they will not get displayed, check the Samples in Resource Folder

h.      The rest of the file name will show underneath the slide as description

i.        To separate the word use hyphen “-” sign and the file extension will not show on the slides description

j.        Delete the Sample Images form the Resource Folder

2.      To upload the Slide Show

a.       Go to the Collection Manager

b.      Select Slide Show in Available Components

c.       Click Add in the Available Styles

d.      Give your Slide Show a Style Name

e.       Click Add in Append HTML File

f.       Find the folder where the Style.html is and Open it

g.      You should see the html and all the image files from resource folder in the upload list

h.      Click Upload button to upload your Slide Show

i.        When the upload is complete scroll down and click Save

j.        You will get a message “The file Style.html was uploaded successfully!”

k.      Click OK will return you back to the Style Manager

l.        Click Close to return back to Collection Manager

m.    Now you can highlight the Slide Show in the Available Components

n.      Then highlight your new Style in the Available Styles

o.      The Available Record Set is Automated and is auto highlighted

p.      Use the Right Arrow to add your new Component

q.      Click Close with saving changes and your new Slide Show is up and running