URI 2104 Upload Image Help Page
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Your Organization
You can setup here to display your company name. To do this, go to Site Settings Defaults and fill out Admin Page Title.
Files to upload
This is the Upload list. Once the file(s) are selected they will be listed here for upload.
Click Add button to open up explore dialog and add your image file. Once the image has been added this button will become disabled and grayed out.
The Delete button is initially grayed out, you have to select already added image file in the upload list and then you can use this button to remove the file from the upload list.
Upload This Will Take You To The Previous Page
The Upload button is initially grayed out. You have to add an image file to the upload list before it will be accessible. When it is, click on it to upload your image and finish. Portal Prodigy will display upload confirmation, clicking OK will return you back to the previous page.

The Cancel button is grayed out most of the time. It lights up during the actual upload, but because the upload is very quick you will not even notice it. The cancel button is for canceling the upload transfer. If you change your mind about the upload and want to go back use the back button in your internet browser.
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