URI 2020 Response Scoring Management Help Page
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Home icon button is used to return you back to your home page.
Main Menu
Main Menu button is used to take you to the sites Administrators Main Menu. Main Menu is a hotkey that can be accessed from anywhere within Portal Prodigy by "Ctrl+Alt+M".
Dashboard button is used to take you to your personalized dashboard.
Portal Prodigy button is used to take you to Portal Prodigy website.
Help Icon
Help icon button is how you got here. This button is on every page of the administration.
This is where we mark what version of Portal Prodigy you are running. Please note that this is also the version used to create this help page. If the version you are running is newer or older there maybe differences in layout and options.
Your Organization
You can setup here to display your company name. To do this, go to Site Settings Defaults and fill out Admin Page Title.
Choice Name
Here you have the list of all the responses.
Choice Score
If you wanted to rate a response enter the Score amount here.
Go To From Upon
Here you have 2 options, Choice Selection and Form Submit. When you select Choice Selection then when the user selects this answer the form will save, close and take the user to another form. If you select Form Submit then the form will forward to the next form when the user completes this form.
Go To From
Here you have the option to choose which form to forward user when they answer this question. In this drop down menu you have all the available forms in the system.
Go To Question
When you forward a user to another form based on the answer you could also specify to forward them to a particular question within that form. Once a form is selected in Go To Form section all the available questions will be listed in this drop down menu.
Saves the data and continue working on the page. Save is a hotkey that can be accessed by "Ctrl+Alt+S".
Close button is used to close the page and save changes. Portal Prodigy will prompts to save changes. OK response saves changes, closes page, and returns to previous page. CANCEL response discards all entries and edits (same as Cancel button). Close is a hotkey that can be accessed by "Ctrl+Alt+C".

2000-2006 Portal Prodigy Inc
Opens up a new window to Portal Prodigy home page.
Takes you to your home page.
Takes you to your contacts page.
Takes you to your about us page.
Takes you to your sitemap page.
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