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Promotion Codes Features in Detail
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Visitors to the website utilize promotion codes when purchasing products or services.The applicable feature component provides an entry field on the View Cart page or applicable checkout page such as for the customer to enter their promotion code.


If the customer enters an incorrect promotion code or the code is no longer valid, they will receive a message like the one below:

The customer is presented with the option to cancel their order, modify their order or continue processing their order without the promotion code.


When the customer enters a valid promotion code, the feature will apply the promotion code and adjust the price or present the offer as shown below.



The customer is presented with options to accept or reject the offer.When the promotion code allows the offer to be combined with other offers, it will include the option to enter additional promotional codes.When the promotion code does not allow the offer to be combined with other offers, this option is not displayed.


During the product Shopping Cart Checkout process, the Order Approval page displays for each Item, the promotion code that has been applied.Each Itemís Unit Price is also adjusted to reflect the offer.




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