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Value-Added Representative Program for Businesses
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Value-Added Representative Program for Businesses


If your company is selling or consulting to small and medium sized organizations, our business value-added representative program can provide you with the chance to diversify and increase your book of business.  We’ll provide your staff with the tools, training and support to become a respected Internet Business Consultant and Architect (IBCA). You’ll sell the PortalProdigy Internet Operating Platform (PPIOP), provide valuable add-on services and enjoy high margins and recurring revenue.  You’ll make it quick, easy and economical for your customers to operate powerful feature-rich websites that contend with their biggest competitors -- All without programming.



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What’s so great about PortalProdigy’s product?

What is the IBCA program?

Why do we use IBCAs to sell PortalProdigy’s product?

Who can participate?

What are the qualifications?

Why would over 1.7 million small & medium sized enterprises in the USA need PPIOP?

What PortalProdigy product would my business sell?

Who would my business sell to?

What are the benefits to my business?

What kind of support will my business get as an IBCA?

How will my staff be trained?

How does my business earn money as an IBCA?

How do I represent my business and our relationship to customers?

Are there any restrictions on the customers?

What commitment would my business have to make?

If our business has no experience at website development, would we be able to participate?

How much does it cost to get started?

Are there limits on IBCA coverage within a geographical area?

Does PortalProdigy supply sales leads?

Does PortalProdigy provide joint sales call support and product positioning advice?

What does PortalProdigy provide when my business sells a PPIOP installation?

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How do we get started?


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