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Activate the Press Release Feature
 Posted On: 06/06/2004Last Updated On: 11/09/2008Size: 9 K  
 Administrative procedure using Features Management to set up and activate Press Release feature. Provide permitted visitors an opportunity to create and update their own Press Release Template and Biographical Record and send press releases. Media contact records are stored in the contact database and classified by medium, news category and geography. Permitted visitors enter press re-lease copy into the website form and indicate media contact preferences by medium, news category and geography and PortalProdigy delivers the press release in HTML format via email to the appropriate media contacts. Media Contacts can click on a link in the email press release they receive and are brought to the organizationís site where they can not only read detailed information on the sender of the press release but also search the biography database for other people and companies of interest. This feature is especially ideal for professional and trade associations, advocacy groups and sporting leagues
Create a Press Release Notification Email.htm
 Posted On: 06/07/2004Last Updated On: 08/10/2009Size: 4 K  
 Notify an administrator when a member uses the system to send a press release.
Create a Press Release Template.htm
 Posted On: 06/07/2004Last Updated On: 09/30/2011Size: 3 K  
 The Press Release Feature provides for the easy creation and delivery of press releases. Administra-tion builds and maintains a database of media contacts (media contacts available from PortalProdigy by subscription) and imports a Press Release Template with the organizationís letterhead or other identifying motif into PORTALPRODIGY. A promotional biography record and press release clos-ing statement, individually customized for each permitted visitor is created in PORTALPRODIGY. When ready, a member clicks on the Issue Press Release Link and is stepped through the process of creating and delivering their press release.
Enter Media Types in Feature Management
 Posted On: 06/07/2004Last Updated On: 11/09/2008Size: 1 K  
 Each organization can customize PR Media Types as it sees fit for its purposes. The Press Release input form presents all the organizationís PR Media Types to a visitor entering a press release for selection. Media Contact Records are designated to specific Media Types on from the Contact Management page. Hence, a visitor can choose to have a press release sent to only Business Editors, or only Talk Show Hosts, or Newspapers, etc. or an combination.
Enter Member Biography and Press Release Closing Statement
 Posted On: 06/07/2004Last Updated On: 11/08/2008Size: 4 K  
 Sample Biography and Sample Closing Statements can be viewed by visitors when they create their own Biography and Closing Statement records. Administration inputs the samples at the User-SignUp features management page.
Import Media Contacts
 Posted On: 06/07/2004Last Updated On: 06/14/2011Size: 14 K  
 Tutorial describing the use of Utility to import media contact data from csv files.
Load Sample Biography Sample Closing Statement for Press Release Feature
 Posted On: 06/08/2004Last Updated On: 11/08/2008Size: 2 K  
 Sample Biography and Sample Closing Statements can be viewed by visitors when they create their own Biography and Closing Statement records. Administration inputs the samples at the User-SignUp features management page.
Setup and Operate a Press Release and News Management System
 Posted On: 08/25/2004Last Updated On: 03/05/2009Size: 9 K  
 PortalProdigy provides a sophisticated Press Release management feature which is meant to be used by membership organizations that wish to extend public relations management services to their members or customers. However, the Press Release management feature is not ideally suited for controlling the news and press release management of the PPIOP customer. Instead, the procedure described herein should be applied to handling internal Press Release and News Management.

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