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Add a Document Resource File or Page to the Website
 Posted On: 06/06/2004Last Updated On: 11/07/2008Size: 12 K  
 Describes how to upload pages, resource documents and other files on to your website. Build a searchable knowledgebase, document manager or data warehouse.
Add a Form or Questionnaire to the Website
 Posted On: 06/06/2004Last Updated On: 08/11/2010Size: 7 K  
 Describes how to set up online forms which can be used for collecting data from visitors, accepting online requests, interviewing and much more. Forms can include multiple choice type questions and answers in addition to fill in the blank type.
Add a New Resource Document Category
 Posted On: 06/07/2004Last Updated On: 11/07/2008Size: 3 K  
 Authorized visitors can retrieve documents by browsing categories, searching on keywords, and via links embedded in other pages and menus throughout your website. Permitted users may also add documents. The Browse Resource Topics Categories page lists each Category as a link along with a brief (optional) description of the Category.
The visitor selects a Category by clicking on the Category name. The Resource Topics for Category then lists all documents (files) for the selected Category.

Add a Web Page
 Posted On: 06/07/2004Last Updated On: 11/08/2008Size: 6 K  
 Learn how to quickly add a page to your website
Administration Search for Documents
 Posted On: 06/07/2004Last Updated On: 09/29/2011Size: 3 K  
 Instructions for locating documents on the Administration Portion of the PortalProdigy system.
Advanced Import Documents
 Posted On: 12/01/2005Last Updated On: 01/20/2009Size: 10 K  
 Describes how to use the Advanced Import feature to import documents. Advanced Import is located on the Utility Menu.
Document Collections Guide
 Posted On: 06/01/2010Last Updated On: 06/01/2010Size: 31 K  
 Explains how to create Document Collections.
Make a Document Private
 Posted On: 06/08/2004Last Updated On: 04/18/2011Size: 2 K  
 Tutorial explains how to make documents, web pages and files available to permitted visitors only.
Make a Resource Document Category Private
 Posted On: 06/08/2004Last Updated On: 07/23/2011Size: 2 K  
 Tutorial describes steps to making categories of documents private.
Make a Web Page Private
 Posted On: 06/08/2004Last Updated On: 02/10/2011Size: 2 K  
 Tutorial explains how to make specific web pages available to permitted visitors only.
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