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Add a Link to Discussions Groups Selection and Discussions Search Page
 Posted On: 06/06/2004Last Updated On: 11/08/2008Size: 2 K  
Add a Link to Exchanges Selection Page.htm
 Posted On: 06/06/2004Last Updated On: 06/26/2011Size: 2 K  
Add a Link to Membership Type Signup Selection Page
 Posted On: 06/06/2004Last Updated On: 12/04/2008Size: 2 K  
 Describes adding link to Membership types.
Add a Link to Surveys Selection Page 2
 Posted On: 06/07/2004Last Updated On: 08/06/2010Size: 2 K  
 If the survey link is activated on the organizationís home page, visitors click on the link and access the survey list. Administration decides which surveys are available to the public and which are available to specific security groups requiring login. PORTALPRODIGY displays surveys and provides access in accordance with those settings. The survey feature can be set up so visitors see a survey link on the home page menu or surveys can be accessed via links included in email messages or on web pages.

Add a Link to the News Items Selection Page
 Posted On: 06/07/2004Last Updated On: 03/06/2010Size: 2 K  
 Visitors can access the websites news by clicking on the News link in a menu or an item in the news mini browser. Clicking on the News menu link accesses the News List which displays each article title and sub-headlines (AKA Description). Clicking on a title in the list accesses the news article detail.
Build a Menu using Menu Builder
 Posted On: 06/07/2004Last Updated On: 12/03/2008Size: 22 K  
 Learn to build and maintain menus for your Website including the menus that are an integral part of your Website template. Menu Builder can produce several different types of menus, each serving different purposes. Menu Builder can be used to build role based menus that are displayed once a user has been identified as a result of logging into the Website. Menu Builder can also be used to build specific feature based menus and to create additional sub menus that can be accessed from a Mini Browser, document, or other menu.
Create Link to Publication Archive
 Posted On: 06/07/2004Last Updated On: 12/04/2008Size: 2 K  
 Learn to set up link so visitors can click on a menu link, page opens with archive choices based on Newsletter Types created by Administration.
Determine the URL for a Hyperlink to a Form or Survey.htm
 Posted On: 06/07/2004Last Updated On: 12/05/2008Size: 2 K  
 Sometimes a page or advertisement needs ti link directly to a registration or participation page. Learn how to find the URL.
Get Artistic With Tables and Buttons on Greeting Page
 Posted On: 06/10/2004Last Updated On: 11/08/2008Size: 6 K  
 Tutorial explains how to implement complex greeting pages. Some advanced users like to add their own buttons and table format to the greeting table.
Promote a Resource on the Home Page
 Posted On: 06/08/2004Last Updated On: 12/05/2008Size: 3 K  
 Tutorial describes how to Include a document in the Resource Mini Browser displayed on your siteís home page.

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