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The Membership Feature provides a highly flexible system for offering, promoting, signing-up and managing members online. Be careful not to confine your interpretation of this feature only to “memberships” as in a club or association. Instead, think of members as a specifically privileged group. Membership Types can be assigned to all kinds of groups such as employees, specific department staff, managers, contributors, parishioners, reporters and journalists, constituents, vendors, customers, prospects, etc.

Membership Types are used to classify groups of contacts in order to control access to specific website functionality and to trigger events specific to given membership types -- events such as billing, program notifications, surveys, news delivery, exchange announcements, press releases, etc. For example, some organizations provide separate memberships to access different exchanges such as employer job posting and applicant resume posting. Others use membership types to separate donation levels such as Gold Sponsor, Silver Sponsor and Bronze Sponsor. In such cases, Gold Sponsors might get privileged access to all the sponsor facilities while Silver and Bronze get less accordingly. Some associations create an “Expert” membership type and charge a fee for that membership. Expert members then enjoy listing in the online Expert Directory, receive leads from our “Ask the Expert” feature, and may sell products and services through our exchange feature. Subscriptions to publications and other features are controlled through this feature also.

The possible number of membership types is virtually unlimited. So, its up to you to find creative ways to provide paid and/or unpaid access to the many benefits of your portal.

Membership feature benefits include:

  • Ability to define an unlimited number of unique Membership Types.
  • Each Membership Type can have different fees, acceptance requirements, and benefits.
  • Allows members to join more than one Membership Type, e.g. National Membership and International Membership or Book of the Month Club and DVD of the Month Club.
  • Create informative Membership Descriptions. Integrates with PortalProdigy Document Editor to create colorful descriptions without knowledge of HTML.
  • Ability to attach online brochures to provide additional information including beautiful and dazzling multi media presentations as well downloadable and printable formats.
  • Integrated with the PortalProdigy Mini Browser Feature Component to include solicitations for membership on your site’s home page.
  • Membership Types support Initiation Fees, Renewal Fees and Recurring Dues Fees.
  • Recurring dues can be specified in days or as “annual”, “quarterly” or “monthly”.
  • Initiation Fee and Recurring Dues can be prorated for calendar year, quarter, or month; fixed for calendar year, quarter, or month; or fixed for specified time period.
  • Membership provides lock option, to preserve fee amount with additional option to fix the fees for set period of time or an indefinite period (such as lifetime).
  • Supports promotional codes to apply discounts to membership fees.
  • Ability to require fees to be paid at time of application submittal or upon approval.
  • Ability to define Membership application forms and questionnaires.
  • Tracks approval date and approved by.
  • Option to include a Membership Agreement.
  • Option to require that Membership Agreement either be (a) signed and returned as hard copy; or (b) offered as online acceptance page.
  • Automated Membership billing. Supports user preference to have credit card automatically billed or to be invoiced.
  • Creates invoices for membership billings with ability to send as email or printed and mailed based on user preference setting for each member.
  • Membership collection and online payment processing using credit cards or Pay Pal.
  • Membership Application report which lists each applicant’s signup information with their completed application form.
  • Membership Renewal report which lists each member due for renewal along with fees and payment method.
  • Membership Dues Collection report which lists each new member, their membership fees, amount collected and amounts currently due , Grouped by Membership Type with subtotal by Group.
  • Option to send automated Membership Renewal notices by email.
  • Option to send automated Membership Approval notices by email.
  • Specify a PortalProdigy Security Group that is automatically assigned to new members when they are approved for membership.
  • Specify a PortalProdigy Security Group that is automatically assigned to expired members.
  • Provide auto response notification that sends email to responsible party upon application for new membership.

Some of the components, fields and settings of the Membership feature are:

  • Membership Fees Feature Management Page
  • Instructions
  • Fiscal Date
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Inventory Account
  • Receivables Account
  • Revenue Account
  • Search For Membership Types Page
  • Include deactivated records in search results Y/N
  • Membership Type ID
  • Title -
  • Created Date Range
  • Modified Date Range
  • Items Per Page b
  • Quick Search on Application Title
  • Membership Types Management page
  • Title
  • Description
  • Sort Order
  • Brochure
  • Agreement Document
  • Acceptance Type
  • Acceptance Notes
  • Application Required
  • Application
  • Approval Required
  • Approval GroupID
  • Pay Required to Activate
  • Allow online cancellation
  • Membership By
     Individual
     Company
     Both
  • Individual Signup Form
  • Company Signup Form
  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Pre-Approved Group
  • Approved Group
  • Expired Group
  • Reporting Class
  • Name
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Initial Term
  • Recurring Terms
  • Days to Bill Before Due
  • Prorate Initiation
  • Prorate Recurring
  • Lock Days Recurring Fee
  • Lock Days Renewal Fee
  • Dues Anniversary
     Signup Date
     Approval Date
     Specified Anniversary Date
     Days To Approve
  • Pay Online
  • Pay By Mail
  • Pay On-Account
  • WelcomeKit Template
  • Renewal Template
  • Inactivity Template
  • Rejection Template
  • Initiation Fee
     Description
     Price
  • Renewal
     Description
     Price
  • Recurring
     Description
     Price
  • Other
     Description
     Price
  • Created By
  • Modified By
  • Active
  • Expires Date
  • ChapterID
  • Items Management page for Membership Fees
  • Feature
  • Feature Record ID
  • Type Item
  • Name
  • Price
  • Cost
  • Default Item?
  • Product Type
  • Interval
  • Days
     Monthly
     Quarterly
     Annual Calendar
     Annual Fiscal
  • Days
  • Start Date
  • Prorate
  • Include Next Period
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Inventory Account
  • Revenue Account
  • Search for Applications page
  • Application ID
  • Title
  • Created Date Range
  • Modified Date Range
  • Items Per Page
  • Quick Search on Application.
  • Application Management page
  • Application Title
  • Description
  • Allow Repetitive
  • Response Notification Email
  • Questions
  • Question ID
  • Question Type
     Choice
     Text
     Memo
  • Maximum Answers
  • Order #
  • Choices
  • Created By
  • Modified By
  • Active
  • ChapterID
  • Topic
  • Private
  • Go to Question
     First Question
     Previous Question
     Next Question
     Last Question
  • Membership Management page
  • Membership Type
  • Member Name
  • Application
  • Agreement Document
  • Locked Recurring Fee
  • Anniversary Date
  • Membership ID
  • Initial Order
  • Company Name
  • Application Status
     Not Completed
     Pending
     Approved
  • Agreement Status
  • Locked Renewal Fee
  • Automated Charge on Credit
  • Card
  • Payment Type
  • Name on Card or Check
  • Number
  • Expiration Date (Month/Year)
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Created By
  • Modified By
  • Active
  • Search for Memberships
  • ID
  • Member Name
  • App Status
  • Application
  • Membership Editor
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