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PortalProdigy allows you to maintain detailed records on individual contacts such as prospects, customers, members, employees, etc. The individual Contact Records serve not only as a place to record and lookup contact information such as addresses and phone numbers but also a link into other features related to individual contacts including event registration records, contact management, advocacy participation, contributions, purchases, exchanges and more. The Contact database further serves as a data merge source for message broadcasting via email, fax or printed communication features.

When you manage interactions on the internet you are managing relationships and conversations with people. So it makes sense that practically every PortalProdigy feature works in conjunction with the Contacts database. Contact information may be imported from external data sources, input manually via an Internet browser or collected online from website visitors. You decide how much and what information to collect based on the needs of your organization.

An assortment of relationships are maintained between contact records and other data components of the system such as Companies, Special Interests, Orders, Biographies, Registrations, Notes and Ticklers, etc. For back office administration, jumping quickly from one related record to another and to related lists and archives is simple and quick either by clicking on a link or submitting search criteria into efficient search templates.

Contacts benefits include:

  • Central database for creating, updating and reporting information on all sorts of contacts including visitors, users, members, employees, customers, vendors, prospects, regulators, constituents and staff.
  • Create custom contact data collection forms for visitor signup.
  • Organize contacts into Special Interest Groups, Security Groups and Types.
  • Select and export data for use in external databases and mail-merge software.
  • Create login and password entry into site features.
  • Search and sort contacts on all data fields.
  • Integrates with PortalProdigy Tickler/Notes feature for contact management purposes.
  • Provides administrators with quick link access from individual contact records to accounts of contactís action in other features.
  • Used by broadcaster to merge data into copy and automatically deliver notifications to members of a specific security group, interest group or type.
  • Import utility makes it quick and easy to add data from external sources and list companies.

Some of the components of the Contacts feature are:

  • Login Name Field
  • Password Field
  • Confirm Password Field
  • Contact ID Field
  • Title Field
  • Profession Field
  • Company Name
  • Company ID Field with link to search interface -
  • Contact Preference By: Lookup Field
  • Send To Home Radio Button
  • Send To Office Radio Button
  • Remove from Mailing List Radio Button -
  • Source Field
  • Billable Radio Button
  • Active Field
  • Chapter ID
  • Member Types Checkboxes
  • Member Types Employee Checkbox
  • Member Types LRCA Checkbox and Link
  • Member Types Media Checkbox and Link
  • Contact Records Tickler/Notes Link .
  • Contact Records Biography Link
  • Contact Records Orders Link
  • Contact Records Security Groups Link
  • Contact Records Company Link
  • Company ID Field
  • Company Name Field
  • Password Field
  • Confirm Password Field
  • Parent Company ID Field
  • Main Contact ID Field
  • Federal ID Field
  • Bill Name Field
  • Social Security # Field
  • Credit Status Field
  • Credit Limit Field
  • Terms Field
  • View Employees
  • Copy from Mailing
  • Comments Field
  • Created By
  • Modified By
  • Active
  • ChapterID
  • Company Types
  • Checkboxes
     Client
     Contractor
     Contributor
     LRCA
     Manufacturer
     Media
     Member
     NonProfit
     Prospect
     Vendor
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