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Events Manager

Your members, employees, vendors, customers and community can review your event calendar, signup and pay – all online. Schedule educational programs and other types of events, enter details and import event brochures, registration forms, maps, etc from any computer into event records on the organization’s website in order to furnish visitors with an event calendar, program information and signup ability. Event details, contact information, registration limits, seating inventory, pricing and payment options can all be input, updated, tracked and reported. Visitors can register and pay online using credit cards or other payment options. Attendance lists and badges can be printed locally from any printer connected browser. Event notice email broadcasts may be scheduled in advance and sent automatically when appropriate. If desirable, a view current registrants link can be available to visitors.

Events feature benefits include:

  • Easy enough for anyone to setup and run an unlimited number of conferences, seminars, trade shows, committee meetings, sporting events and educational events.
  • Can automatically create and update event mini-browser on home page.
  • Events descriptions and promotions are easily added to the system from a browser anywhere.
  • Permits administration activation of “View Current Registrants” link so visitors can see who else signed up for event.
  • Email broadcast or letter-merge event announcements.
  • Visitors can view your entire event calendar, sign up and pay online.
  • Automated “Sold-Out” can be set using event limits option.
  • Control who can and cannot register for events.
  • Multiple pricing and special services fees capability. For example, distinct member, non-member and guest fees. Also extras such as meals, parking, etc. can be included.
  • Mapquest link provides automated map and directions.
  • Prints badges
  • Produce event registration detail and summary reports.
  • Maintains detailed accounts receivables including complete billing and receipt history for the Event.
  • Provides event related accounting reports or export to QuickBooks!

Some of the components, fields and settings of the Events feature are:

  • Search for Events Page
  • Event ID Field
  • Title Field
  • Event Date Range Field
  • Created Date Range Field
  • Modified Date Range Field
  • Topics Field
  • Items Per Page Field
  • The Event Management page
  • Event Detail
  • Event Location Details –
  • Make Checks Payable To Details
  • Who to Contact for More Information Details
  • Accepted Payment Methods Details
  • Other Options
  • Registration Types and Fees
  • Record Details
  • Event Details
     Event Name Field
     Date & Time Field
     Description Field
     Registration Note
     Sponsor Name
  • Event Location Details
     Location
     Address 1
     Address 2
     City, State, Zip
  • Make Checks Payable To Details
     Name Field
     Address 1 Field
     Address 2 Field
     City, State, Zip Field
     Pay Online Radio Button
     Pay By Mail Radio Button
     Pay At Event Radio Button
     Pay On Account Radio Button
  • Contact For More Information Details
  • Name
  • Phone & Extension
  • Email
  • Other Options Details
  • Days Prior to Event Date to Cancel or Change Field
  • Event Limit Field
  • Require Entry of Registrant Names Field
  • Send Response Notification Email To Field
  • Reporting Class Field
  • Registration Types & Fees Detail
  • Include Checkbox
  • Description Field
  • Cost Field –
  • Price Field
  • Item Update Icon Link
  • Record Details
     Created By Field
     Modified By Field
     Active Field
     Expires Date Field
     Chapter ID Field
     Topic Field
     Level Field
     Private Fields
     View Event Orders Link
     View Event Registrants
  • Event Items Management Page
  • Feature Field
  • Features Record ID
  • Type
  • Item Name
  • Price
  • Cost
  • Default Item Radio Button
  • Count as Registrant? Radio Button
  • Restriction Rules Radio Buttons
     Anyone Can Register
     For Members Only
     Must be Member to Register Others
     For Non-Members Only
  • User Limit
  • Item Limit
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