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Discussions and Web Log

Website visitors post messages and comments, others follow up with replies. Replies can be followed up with further replies forming threads of conversation. Discussion Forums can be public or private and are generally formed around specific interests, groups or subjects. This feature provides visitors the ability to interact with each other or with specified groups. Includes searchable archives making this feature ideal for propagating user self-help groups. Powerful hyperlink insert tool makes this a serious community builder.

Discussions benefits include:

  • Permits discussions to be public or private.
  • Permitted users can open as many on-line discussions as desired from anywhere, anytime.
  • Discussions can be organized by topic.
  • Permanently archives and becomes part of the organizationís knowledgebase.
  • Discussion archives may be searched and sorted by words or phrases. Conversation threads may be followed from matching records.
  • Hyperlink insert tool allows discussion participants to redirect others to specific resources on the internet.

Some of the components, fields and settings of the Discussion Forums feature are:

  • Discussion Topics
  • Discussion Management Pages
  • Discussion ID Field
  • Title Field
  • Created Date Range Fields
  • Last Modified Date Range Fields
  • Topics Field
  • Items Per Page Field
  • Discussion Page
  • Title
  • Text
  • Replies
  • Found Discussions Page
  • Title Field
  • Discussion Text Field
  • Created By Field
  • Modified By Field
  • Active Field
  • Expires Date Field
  • Chapter ID Field
  • Level Field
  • Topic Field
  • Private Field
  • Discussion Replies Link
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