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PortalProdigy makes it quick and easy to conduct surveys, qualification exams or interviews over the web. Our online survey tool makes it easy to examine data immediately as it is collected. You can take a survey from concept to response within hours. Online surveying is lower cost than traditional methods such as face-to-face, telephone and mail, and eliminates interviewer effects. Conduct regular surveys of employees, customers vendors and others to assess overall satisfaction or to gain knowledge regarding specific areas of interaction. For example, event planners can verify fulfillment of event promises, get suggestions for improvement and determine probability of future attendance. Associations, employers and publishers conduct surveys to gain and test information on emerging trends and current topics. Follow surveys to transactions such a purchases provide timely information regarding a user's recent interaction experience. Surveys feature can be used in conjunction with Memberships feature.

Survey feature benefits include:

  • Take a survey idea from concept to response within hours.
  • Conduct surveys, qualification exams or interviews online.
  • Surveys feature can be used in conjunction with other features such as Memberships to create acceptance qualification questionnaires.
  • Create surveys with an unlimited number of questions using any combination of multiple choice, true/false, rating or text answer formats.
  • Survey notices can be automatically broadcast to specified individuals, contact types or interest groups via email.
  • Message recipients click on a link bringing them to the corresponding website survey page where they answer questions and submit their results.
  • Survey results are stored by PortalProdigy and reported when needed.
  • Load questions easily.
  • Broadcasts survey notice to all categories of contacts linking them back to surveyor feature at the website.
  • Scrutinize results privately or publish results publicly.
  • Gets results in hours.
  • Contacts can answer questions at their convenience from any Internet browser.
  • Authorized administrators access the Survey Tool via the web and in minutes create a survey.
  • Results are returned real time in a pre-determined format.
  • Private surveys are secure and utilized to poll specific individuals or groups. Public surveys are open and can survey the general public.

Some of the components, fields and settings of the Surveys feature are:

  • Survey Management Page
  • Add Icon
  • Browse Icon
  • Survey Details
  • Survey Title Field
  • Description
  • Allow Repetitive Selection Field
  • Response Notification Email Field
  • Question Details
  • Question Field
  • Question Type Radio Buttons
  • Maximum Answers Field
  • Order # Field
  • Choices Field
  • Survey Record
  • Active Field
  • Expires Date Field
  • Chapter ID Field
  • Topic Selection Field
  • Level Selection Field
  • Private Selection Field
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