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Broadcaster is a multi-purpose tool which merges message templates with contact data and then delivers them via email. Message templates execute manually, at a scheduled time or when triggered by a process event and broadcast email messages to specified individuals, contact types or interest groups. Variable data from an assortment of PortalProdigy features may be inserted into the text of messages providing extreme flexibility for creating mass customized mailings and automated notices. The feature can also be used to export contact data into .CSV format files which may be used with any fax broadcasting or word-processing software with merge capabilities.

This feature is ideal for opt-in mail programs and automated updates.

Broadcaster benefits include:

  • Create an unlimited number of text or HTML message templates.
  • Schedule broadcasts for specific dates and time or upon occurrence of a specified system event.
  • Configure triggers to notify any one person or specific groups.
  • WYSIWYG HTML document editor – Like a word-processor that automatically converts your document to HTML (The program language for creating web pages).
  • Automatically notify recipients about online submissions such a new listing on an exchange, news articles, event registrations, etc. Online interaction with practically any PortalProdigy feature can be set to trigger a notification and include current record data from the triggering feature merged strategically into the message content.
  • Include attachments from the document library or your computer or network.
  • Use broadcaster to export data into database or mail merge ready software.
  • You can even use broadcaster to print labels.

Some of the components, fields and settings of the Broadcaster feature are:

  • Broadcast Template List
  • Sort By Radio Button -
  • Broadcast Template Edit and Update Page
  • Type Radio Button
  • Sender’s Email Fields
  • Subject Field
  • Body Format Radio Button
  • Upload HTML Page Link
  • Edit HTML Page Link
  • Message Field
  • Attachments Field  X
  • Object Type Field
  • Object Field
  • Available Tags Field
  • Schedule Fields
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