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Fulfillment  Fulfillment is the

Fulfillment is the process of delivering ordered goods or services to the customer. PortalProdigy provides the option, where applicable, to decide when orders should be considered fulfilled for purposes of recording sales transactions, creating invoice dates, and settling credit card charges. In some cases recording of the fulfillment process is performed automatically by PortalProdigy; Exchange orders are an example of this. Exchange orders are automatically fulfilled when the Exchange record is saved. Other features provide multiple options; Event Registration is an example of this. Event Registrations can have fulfillment recorded at the time of registration, automatically on the event date, or manually by an Administrator.

When an Order has been fulfilled, PortalProdigy sets the Orderís Order Status field to Fulfilled. If some of the Orderís items cannot be fulfilled, Order Status is set to Partially Fulfilled. All orders created by all Feature Components including Events, Exchanges, Memberships, and Products, must be fulfilled in order to complete the order process.

The fulfillment process for Product orders is used to fulfill orders, relieve inventory and post to the GL. Product Orders can also be configured to post (record) sales transactions to the GL at the time the order is placed. The PortalProdigy Product Download feature automatically fulfills downloaded items at the time the order is placed.

Fulfillment feature benefits include:
  • Provides automated fulfillment option for each applicable feature component.
  • Provides order by order fulfillment processing as well as batch fulfillment processing.
  • Prints Picking List for fulfillment batch.
  • Prints Packing Slips for each order in fulfillment batch.
  • Supports partial fulfillment of orders and automatically creates backorder for unfulfilled items.
  • Relieves inventory and committed quantities.
  • Automated recording of sales transactions for accounting purposes.
  • Automated Settlement of Credit Card charges.
  • Supports Third Party Fulfillment.
  • Tracks shipping dates by item.
  • Event registrations can be fulfilled automatically on date of Event, automatically at time of registration, or they can be manually fulfilled at the appropriate time by an authorized Administrator.
  • Print Fulfillment and Inventory Transaction reports.

Some of the components, fields and settings of the Payments feature, discussed in detail in this chapter, are:

  • Search For Order Items page
  • Batch #
  • Retrieve Batch option
  • Feature
  • Products
  • Events
  • Pres Releases
  • Order Status:
  • New Orders Only
  • Backorder Only
  • Both
  • Responsible Group
  • Item ID
  • Item Code
  • Order Date
  • Order #
  • Shipper
  • Shipping Method
  • Payment Methods:
  • All Items on Order Ė
  • Only Items that can be Fulfilled
  • Partial Availability Options
  • Sort by:
  • Order
  • Item
  • Product code
  • Create New Batch option
  • Clear criteria option
  • Print page option
  • Go To Main Menu option


  • Fulfillment Batch page:
  • Order ID
  • Item IDProduct Code
  • Color & Size
  • Qty to Fulfill
  • Qty Shipped
  • Qty Canceled
  • Qty Backordered
  • Partial Ok
  • Save batch option
  • Process Batch option
  • Clear option
  • Print page option
  • Cancel option\
  • ]Close option


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