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Activate the News Feature
 Posted On: 06/06/2004Last Updated On: 11/08/2008Size: 4 K  
 Administrative procedure using Features Management to set up and activate the News Feature. The News Feature provides a rapid entry interface used by Administration to enter news items. Headlines are displayed on the homepage where visitor can click on individual items of interest to view the detailed news record
Add a Link to the News Items Selection Page
 Posted On: 06/07/2004Last Updated On: 03/06/2010Size: 2 K  
 Visitors can access the websites news by clicking on the News link in a menu or an item in the news mini browser. Clicking on the News menu link accesses the News List which displays each article title and sub-headlines (AKA Description). Clicking on a title in the list accesses the news article detail.
Add a News Item
 Posted On: 06/07/2004Last Updated On: 11/09/2008Size: 4 K  
 The Administrator has several choices of formats for news items. She may enter plain text into the Text Field for the simplest application. She can paste or type HTML code into the Text Field (very difficult way to create a news item). She can create an HTML page by clicking on the Edit Text Icon which activates the PORTALPRODIGY HTML Editor. Or, she can import a document via the News Document Import Field.
Setup and Operate a Press Release and News Management System
 Posted On: 08/25/2004Last Updated On: 03/05/2009Size: 9 K  
 PortalProdigy provides a sophisticated Press Release management feature which is meant to be used by membership organizations that wish to extend public relations management services to their members or customers. However, the Press Release management feature is not ideally suited for controlling the news and press release management of the PPIOP customer. Instead, the procedure described herein should be applied to handling internal Press Release and News Management.
Show News Items on the Home Page Mini Browser
 Posted On: 06/08/2004Last Updated On: 09/24/2011Size: 2 K  
 Explains how to Include news items in the News Mini Browser displayed on your site’s home page

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