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Activate the LRCA Feature
 Posted On: 06/05/2004Last Updated On: 05/08/2010Size: 6 K  
 Administrative procedure using Features Management to set up and activate LRCA feature. Rapidly mobilize constituents into a focused force. Broadcast Calls to Action messages via email to specified individuals, contact types or interest groups. The messages include a hyperlink recipients can click, bringing them to the website’s issue position and education page. Respondents can choose to respond online to their legislative, regulatory, judicial or executive branch representative as predetermined by an Administration setup function. Each LRCA project can include suggested response messages to aid respondents in developing their own message. Respondents type their message into the website LRCA response form. PortalProdigy uses their zip code entry to determine the respondent’s correct legislative, regulatory, judicial or executive branch representative and sends their message.

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