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Setup and Operate a Press Release and News Management System
 Posted On: 08/25/2004Last Updated On: 03/05/2009Size: 9 K  
 PortalProdigy provides a sophisticated Press Release management feature which is meant to be used by membership organizations that wish to extend public relations management services to their members or customers. However, the Press Release management feature is not ideally suited for controlling the news and press release management of the PPIOP customer. Instead, the procedure described herein should be applied to handling internal Press Release and News Management.
Setup GL Accounts and Accounting Options
 Posted On: 08/27/2004Last Updated On: 04/03/2011Size: 15 K  
 Quick Tutorial describes steps for stting up Setup GL Accounts and Accounting Options
so that accounting data may be ported to extaernal accounting system such as QuickBooks.
Setup Soup Kitchen and Other Charity Supply Shopping, Ordering, Fulfillment and Tracking Operation
 Posted On: 08/30/2004Last Updated On: 11/08/2008Size: 11 K  
 Quick Tutorial outline steps to setting up charity supply shopping, ordering, fulfillment and tracking operation.htm
Update Pictures on JWM Site
 Posted On: 10/01/2010Last Updated On: 10/01/2010Size: 17 K  
 Instruction on how to update pictures on JWM Site
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