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Add a Product - Create a New Product Item Record
 Posted On: 06/07/2004Last Updated On: 07/15/2011Size: 21 K  
 Learn to add new items to the product catalog.
Add Goods Received into Inventory
 Posted On: 06/07/2004Last Updated On: 02/16/2009Size: 6 K  
 The Inventory Entry Feature is used to enter new inventory. It provides a quick and simple method of updating inventory
Create a Return Order for Returned Products.htm
 Posted On: 06/07/2004Last Updated On: 09/13/2011Size: 12 K  
 Returns add Items back into Inventory and if the Items have already been paid for, will create a Credit Memo or issue a Refund.
Import Products
 Posted On: 08/25/2004Last Updated On: 09/27/2011Size: 10 K  
 Quick Tutorial describes steps for importing a file containing normalized records of items for the online catalog.

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